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Stacey Soifer

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Stacey Soifer - Workers Compensation Attorney - Dayton - Middletown - Hamilton - Cincinnati

Stacey Soifer

Area of Practice: Workers’ Compensation

As an Associate of Casper, Casper & Casper, Stacey Soifer has had the opportunity to fulfill her desire to help people by practicing in the area of workers’ compensation law. Assisting people in obtaining compensation and medical treatment as well as advising them on all aspects of their workers’ compensation cases, is the culmination of a journey.

After receiving a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from the University of Michigan, Stacey worked as a Paralegal, while obtaining her law degree in the evening program at Loyola University in Chicago. After working in a Chicago law firm doing Employment, Business and Securities Litigation, she chose a path closer to her heart, the pursuit of advocating for educational rights and services for individuals with disabilities. She continues to navigate medical, vocational and recreational issues for her son and other families facing similar situations.

She loves working at Casper, Casper & Casper because it is a place where all of the members are not only caring and respectful of one another and their clients, but they are also extremely thorough and passionate about their work.

Stacey lives in Miami township Ohio, with her husband, Bob, son, Sam and their Labrador Retriever, Stella. When not working, she loves hiking, cooking, music and spending time with her family and friends. She is very caring and compassionate, as well as a good listener, which makes her a person who will provide the best possible representation for her clients.

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I had contracted one of the national firms. I fired them and went with Steven at Casper, Casper & Casper. He was able to win my case. The professionalism at the firm was superb. I would highly recommend.

Jim Smith — dayton, OH

Practicing law has been a proud tradition in the Casper family for three generations. Now Douglas, Sanford and Steven Casper are taking their passion for client advocacy to the next level at their family practice, Casper, Casper & Casper LLC, where they fervently lead the way in protecting clients’ rights, today and for the future.